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Ox Bodies’ products have endured even the toughest of conditions on construction sites around the country and abroad since 1972. We’ve walked in your boots – we get it. Time is money, and we strive to provide the highest quality, most durable products, equipped to handle any job you throw at them.

Our reputation and our people are what have made Ox the industry leader. We are your premier partner for designing and manufacturing Class 6 to 8 dump bodies in the United States and across the globe. Innovative, rugged, high-performance truck bodies, parts, and accessories, all manufactured by hard-working people in Fayette, Alabama.

Our ingenuity allows us to manufacture, assemble, and deliver a complete product. No one else can duplicate what we do or do it better, and if that’s not enough, we’ll pick up and deliver right to your front door.

Always Striving For You...

We’re a restless sort, never satisfied, always wondering what’s over the next hill, pushing to improve what we do and how we deliver on our promise to you. At Ox we never give up. We continually search for and apply state-of-the-art methodologies and technologies. We strive for the best, so that we continue to provide you excellent products and aftermarket support. From a robust CQI system to the latest in engineering, materials, and fabrication technologies, we continue to raise the bar beyond where others give up.

Ox Bodies – “As Strong As An Ox”… The expert in material hauling for earth, industry, and agriculture.


It’s not pretty out there. Sweltering heat, brutal roads, and heavy payloads that can send a rig to the graveyard in no time… and this is on a good day. You either make it or you don’t. Ox didn’t earn its reputation of rugged reliability by sitting behind a desk. We get out and experience the reality that hits you in the face every day of the week, then design products that can take on anything you can throw at them and then some.

The notion of our product and service started in a blacksmith shop many years ago, working directly with customers. Over time, one thing led to another, and business slowly evolved into steel fabrication primarily building logging trailers for the local lumber companies and mills. Fabrication and repairs for farming equipment also took place, and together, eventually transformed into the products we make today.

Ox Bodies was founded in 1972 in Fayette, Alabama. Over the course of four decades, we became the industry leader in the manufacture of class 6 to 8 dump bodies, servicing dealers and end users in the United States and around the globe. Ox Bodies’ leadership, ingenuity, and a “never-give-up” attitude paid off. We became part of the TBEI, Inc. family of companies in August of 2005 without losing a step.

While the products we manufacture may have changed over the years, our commitment to you has not. From our first handshake, our focus is and always will be you, delivering on strong value, quick delivery, and exceptional customer service.


Let’s face it, knowing that others have your back brings a certain level of comfort. Keeping pace in today’s world is critical, that’s why we connect with organizations that can help us understand what is happening and how we can be impacted. The better we are connected, the better we can keep you informed of changes that can impact your business and the decisions you make. Our goal is to help you be successful.

BCA (Business Council of Alabama)

Since 2004, we have been a member of BCA, Alabama’s largest trade association representing businesses of all shapes and sizes from manufacturing to agriculture. BCA is also the exclusive state representative to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) and the United States Chamber Of Commerce. As a member, we at Ox stay informed about activities taking place from Washington, D.C. to the state capitol in Montgomery.

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NTEA (National Truck and Equipment Association)

We have been a member in good standing of NTEA for 35 years. The association for the work truck industry represents manufacturers, distributors, and buyers by providing in-depth technical information and services, research, market data, and education. NTEA also provides an important connection to Washington, D.C. to keep us aware of changing business conditions.

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