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AR steel elliptical dump body available in lengths 10′ – 21′ and capacities of 6.9 – 31 yd3.


Square-bottom, AR steel dump body available in lengths from 14′ – 21′ and capacities of 12.2 to 30.3 yd3.


Carbon steel body ideal for aggregates and asphalt. Available in lengths from 10′ – 22′ and capacities of 3.9 – 34.6 yd3.


The Stockyard™ series consists of three different product offerings for the medium duty truck market.

OX Preferred

OX™ Preferred Specs are the Ox Bodies models packaged and equipped with top features.


Choose from a wide selection of truck body accessories to add functionality and performance to your dump truck.


Ordering parts and accesories for your dump truck has never been easier.

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