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Hauling more payload per trip saves you money plain and simple. Reducing tire-to-road contact when not required saves you fuel, plus wear and tear on tires and suspension. Let our highly experienced staff help you optimize the best lift axle and suspension configurations to meet your changing work requirements. Handle loads of all sizes with the flexibility of an Ox.

Self-Steering Lift Axle & Suspension

  • 8,000 lb., 13,200 lb., and 20,000 lb. capacity versions available
  • Quick change ride height adjustment
  • Preset caster
  • Ride height: 6” thru 18” dependent on capacity selected
  • Extended life bushings
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty

Non-Steerable Lift Axle & Suspension

  • 20,000 lb. capacity
  • Maintenance free Huck fasteners
  • Positive axle stop
  • Air-Ride – Air Lift
  • Ride height: 8” thru 19”
  • Two pin axle connection – rubber bushed
  • Available in pusher or tag assembly
  • 5-year manufacturers warranty
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